What it takes to be a Visionary |The Honey Bulb

It’s 2019, and this year I have decided that I want to work on being three things: Creative, Imaginative, and Visionary. Growing up I always heard stories of people who had a vision for their lives and persevered to see that vision come to life. As a recent college graduate, I spent much time studyingContinue reading “What it takes to be a Visionary |The Honey Bulb”

The Christmas Checklist |The Honey Bulb

Christmas is coming and we just can’t wait to celebrate the season in Style and in Word! At The Honey Bulb, we love creating Home and Style guides, but making a list and checking it twice is a must when it comes to the Christmas Season! We put together this simple Christmas Checklist to getContinue reading “The Christmas Checklist |The Honey Bulb”

What’s Up With All This Health Talk? And How it Changed My Life |The Honey Bulb

Everyone has been talking about it for decades, probably even centuries. The human health. What to eat, when to workout, how many hours of sleep one needs, and so on. There is so much talk about health out there and it can be really difficult to even know where to start.