What I’ve Found this Summer|The Honey Bulb

Summer is and can be a wonderful moment, a wonderful season, a time of reflection, a time of goodness, a time of joy. Spending much time in the outdoors this Summer I have seen the goodness of God in this season. Sitting under a shaded tree, listening to the birds sing their songs as theyContinue reading “What I’ve Found this Summer|The Honey Bulb”

The Goodness Spirit |The Honey Bulb

Those who know me know that I am completely captivated by goodness. As a Christian, God’s goodness and Spirit sustain me. Psalm 23:6 describes God’s infinite goodness towards us: Surely Your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. It’sContinue reading “The Goodness Spirit |The Honey Bulb”

Being a Visionary: This Is My Perspective| The Honey Bulb

Happy Spring! Can you believe we’re already three months into the year?! Well, lately I have been reviewing the three things I want to incorporate more of in my lifestyle this year: Being Creative, Imaginative, and Visionary! (read more here!) As I was reviewing these things the word Perspective came to mind. What has myContinue reading “Being a Visionary: This Is My Perspective| The Honey Bulb”

What it takes to be a Visionary |The Honey Bulb

It’s 2019, and this year I have decided that I want to work on being three things: Creative, Imaginative, and Visionary. Growing up I always heard stories of people who had a vision for their lives and persevered to see that vision come to life. As a recent college graduate, I spent much time studyingContinue reading “What it takes to be a Visionary |The Honey Bulb”

Wonderfully Made |The Honey Bulb

Isn’t it amazing to know we are fearfully and wonderfully made? “I praise You because You made me in an amazing and wonderful way. What You have done is wonderful. I know this very well.” Psalm 139:14 In Psalm 139 verse 1 David explains “LORD, You have examined me and know all about me.” Isn’tContinue reading “Wonderfully Made |The Honey Bulb”

Why We Need To Get Rid of Timidity |The Honey Bulb

Have you ever let timidity and fear keep you from doing something? I can say from experience that my fears and lack of confidence caused me to run straight into a cave, figuratively speaking of course! And I’m so glad that I listened to the voice of God telling me “Get out of that cave!”Continue reading “Why We Need To Get Rid of Timidity |The Honey Bulb”

Why Praying Specific Prayers Matter |The Honey Bulb

I believe that prayer is a major part of the Christian lifestyle. Through prayer, we connect with God in a way that satisfies His heart and strengthens our relationship and faith in Him and His Word. With all that said, I believe, however, that to reach a point where you feel completely confident in ChristContinue reading “Why Praying Specific Prayers Matter |The Honey Bulb”