How to Maintain Great Style When Traveling|The Honey Bulb

One thing I love about traveling is getting to wear my favorite outfits in a new surrounding! Having the perfect dress to wear for an evening out or the perfect pair of jeans and a t-shirt for sight-seeing!

But we all know that we only have a limited amount of space in our suitcase so making the right decision when it comes to what to bring along the way is crucial!

I have had experiences where I wished I had brought along an item of clothing from my wardrobe because it would have gone perfectly with the activities I was doing in the city!

I’ve also had experiences where I brought way to much, which was also exhausting to carry around!

So From all my travels so far, here are some tips I’ve found helpful when deciding what to wear:


Maintain the Same Color Pallet and Patterns that Work Well with Anything

One thing I’ve learned from my travel style is that my wardrobe has to maintain a color Pallet that goes well together with key pieces of the wardrobe I’m bringing along. Having limited space in my suitcase means that I have to make sure all the pieces I’m bringing work well together when mixed up.

For example, when it comes to packing pants, you don’t want to bring a patterned pair of pants that can’t be worn with at least two other shirts your bringing along the trip. If you don’t have options to wear with those pants your most likely not going to want to wear them.

I tend to go for a neutral color pallet when traveling. This allows me the flexibility to wear different combinations of outfits without using too much space in my suitcase!

However, it’s always fun to add in a few pops of color to my suitcase as well!


Always Make Sure to Include Pieces that Work with your Travel Activities 

What kind of trip are you making? A Business trip, City, Beach Vacation?

Whether you are going to the beach or just traveling for the weekend in a new city, it’s always good to plan your wardrobe according to what you’ll be doing while traveling.

The key to any vacation, especially in the Summer are to know exactly what to pack!

Here’s a list I usually make when packing for any trip:

-At Least Three Basic T-Shirts

-Three Pairs of Pants (ex. One Formal, One Light Denim, One Darker Denim)

-Two Pairs of Shorts (For Warm Weather Travels)

-Two-Three Dresses

-Accessories that work with the pieces you’ll be bringing along your trip

-One Casual Sneaker, One Athletic Sneaker

-One or Two Pairs of Heels

-Flats and Sandals (Depending on Your Trip)

Of course, this is just a basic checklist of clothing and accessories I bring along because each trip is unique and there will be add on items to the list depending on where I’m going!

I would definitely advise making a checklist of items you think would be great style wise to bring along on your trip and making sure each of those items work well with each other!


One more tip is to try on each outfit before you pack it into your suitcase to make sure you absolutely love it and will wear it out on your travels!

When picking out my travel wardrobe, these tips ensure that I always have the perfect travel style!