The Surprising Accessories That Work With Any Spring Outfit |The Honey Bulb

This Spring I have decided that I am going to be Strong and Daring when it comes to my style choices (These Are My Style Rules for Spring). So as I incorporate this into my style this year, these are the surprising Spring Style Accessories I found that work with my wardrobe.The-Honey-Bulb-Spring-EaringsSurprisingly, the accessory trend I found to be the most daring yet timeless were actually these strong Hoop Earrings. These earrings are great year round because of their timeless quality which works well with any wardrobe. I found that they really make my outfits stand out!The-Honey-Bulb-Spring-BraceletAnother surprising accessory to pair with my Spring Outfits this year is this simple yet elegant round bracelet. I love how although it appears to be simple at first glance, this bracelet adds strength to the outfit and pulls it all together in a way that brings balance and purity.fullsizeoutput_573With my Spring Color Palette this year, I really am going for strong colors like this one pictured above which surprisingly work well with my outfit choices like this one pictured below and my overall wardrobe! The-Honey-Bulb-Spring-Dress.jpeg

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