These Are My Style Rules for Spring |The Honey Bulb

It’s Spring 2019! how are you styling your wardrobe this season?

I have been so excited this year to be more Creative, Imaginative, and Visionary, in all aspects of my lifestyle, so when it comes to my wardrobe incorporating more of these things is a must!

So my style rules for this Spring?

Nicolle Luna, Founder and Author of The Honey Bulb

First, Strong Colors.

Incorporating stronger color pallets in my wardrobe this year is seriously allowing me to be more creative, especially for Spring! Incorporating bright and strong colors also work well in continuing my wardrobe from Spring to Summer!

Nicolle Luna, Founder and Author of The Honey Bulb

Second, Daring Accessories.

I love being daring when it comes to at least one accessory that I wear whenever possible because I think it gives a nice balance to the overall outfit that is great for Spring!

Nicolle Luna, Founder and Author of The Honey Bulb

Third, A Spring haircut to fit my style look for Spring.

To go with the stronger color pallet and daring accessories I chose for this Spring, a new haircut was a must! My Style rule for this Spring haircut? keeping it daring and strong, yet gentle and proper! I think it really goes well with my personality and adds to my Creative, Imaginative, and Visionary lifestyle!

So those are my three style rules for Spring! Incorporating stronger colors, daring accessories, and a new haircut has seriously helped my Creativity so far!

How about you? What kinds of accessories and colors will you add to your Wardrobe? Check us out The Honey Bulb on Social Media for more Style Inspiration and more!