Being a Visionary: This Is My Perspective| The Honey Bulb

Happy Spring! Can you believe we’re already three months into the year?!

Well, lately I have been reviewing the three things I want to incorporate more of in my lifestyle this year:

Being Creative, Imaginative, and Visionary! (read more here!)

As I was reviewing these things the word Perspective came to mind.

What has my perspective been this year and what kind of Spiritual perspective does God want me to have?

Nicolle Luna, Author and Founder of The Honey Bulb

When I think about being a Visionary, I think of this from three different perspectives:

First, I think of being a Visionary in the sense of the work of my hands, having a Vision with the wonderful gifts and talents God has given me and making sure I am honoring Him with what He has given me by being dedicated in all I do!

All throughout the Bible, we see this perspective. God honors those who are dedicated and work hard.

When I see someone working with all their heart in their calling it encourages and motivates me to do the same!

Second, I think of being a Visionary in the Spiritual sense. Having a Spiritual Vision beyond what I can physically see.

God is All-Powerful and All-Knowing, and when it comes to having Vision, being in His presence gives me wisdom, discernment, and understanding.

When my eyes are fixed on God’s promises for my life, that’s when I feel I have the best Vision!

Third, I think of being a Visionary when it comes to a relationship! Think about it!

What can you do to make someone’s day? I am always thinking about different ways I can show someone I love them!

So as I continue to develop these three characteristics, being Creative, Imaginative, and Visionary, I keep these perspectives in mind!

How about you? In what ways can you be a Visionary?