The Honey Bulb Home and Style Guide of the Week

Here at The Honey Bulb, our focus is that you live your life to the fullest! One of the ways to enjoy life is through your personal style!

If you’ve read Our Article Your Wardrobe Could Be Your Decor Style you’ll see that style doesn’t have to be limited to only your wardrobe and we love that idea!

I have always loved the idea of having a themed style and that is why each week I want to create themed style guides for you to enjoy!

Up first is our Honey Theme! This themed style is perfect for Fall:

The Wardrobe

Cotton Blouse With Lace – H&M

Photo by H&M

8″ Stretchy Toothpick Jean in True Black – J.Crew

Photo by J.Crew

Lollyra – ALDO

Photo by ALDO

The Home Decor

FORDLA Serving Stand – IKEA

Photo by IKEA

Wright Dining Table – West Elm

Photo by West Elm

Markmaking Elements I by Melissa Averinos Framed Art Print – Target

Photo by Target

The Food

Honey Butter Cake – The Cake Blog

Photo by The Cake Blog

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