The Fall Lunches to Try Now |The Honey Bulb

With every season comes new opportunities to try delicious new recipes! And here at The Honey Bulb we love trying new recipes!!

That is why I put together a list of the Lunches I’m excited to make this season!

The Soups

Easy Pumpkin Soup – Savory Nothings

Photo by Savory Nothings

I love soup for lunch! When I was in college I would always have a soup, especially to stay lean and healthy, but truthfully soup is a great lunch option! This Pumpkin Soup by Savory Nothings seems like the perfect Fall dish for this season! Check out the recipe on Savory Nothings!!

Creamy Chicken Soup – The Cookie Rookie

Photo by The Cookie Rookie

I am a big fan of Chicken soup and having a warm, creamy bowl of Chicken Soup feels like a perfect choice for Fall! I can’t wait to try this Creamy Chicken Soup recipe from The Cookie Rookie! Check out the full recipe on The Cookie Rookie!!

Easy Butternut Squash Soup – Eating By Elaine

Photo by Eating By Elaine

Butternut Squash Soup is a perfect soup for Fall and looks super easy to make!! I can’t wait to try this recipe throughout the season! Check out the full recipe at Eating By Elaine!

The Salads

Autumn Chopped Salad – Espresso and Cream

Photo by Espresso and Cream

I love staying healthy and fit and I feel like eating a salad is always a good healthy lunch choice! I can’t wait to try this Autumn Chopped Salad this Fall! Check out the full recipe at Espresso and Cream!

Apple Harvest Salad With Apple Dijon Vinaigrette – Nourished Simply

Photo by Nourished Simply

Not only does this salad look tasty, but this recipe from Nourished Simply includes a dressing recipe you can make! This Fall I’ll definitely be making this salad dressing combination! Check out the recipe at Nourished Simply!!

The Sandwiches

Apple Grilled Cheese with Turkey, Cheddar and Apple Butter – Well Plated

Photo by Well Plated

This sandwich recipe looks perfect for a quick Fall lunch! I’ve never tried Apple butter but this recipe makes it look delicious! I can’t wait to try this sandwich! Check out the full recipe at Well Plated!

Autumn Chicken Salad Sandwich – Life Made Simple

Photo by Life Made Simple

I love chicken sandwiches and this recipe seems like the perfect healthy chicken sandwich option for Fall! Check out the full recipe on Life Made Simple!

Those are the Fall Lunch Recipes I’ll be adding to my menu this Fall!

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