Your Wardrobe Could Be Your Decor Style

Have you ever noticed the connection between your personal wardrobe and the way you decorate? We teamed up with our Interior Design expert, Barbara Borges to get her take on how your personal wardrobe inspires your decor style!

We’ve all probably seen those perfectly curated houses on HGTV or Pinterest, and wondered, “How do these designers come up with designs that perfectly suit their clients’ needs?”

Barbara Borges puts this all into perspective! She explains that when designing a house the designer looks at all the possibilities of the space for the client even down to the way he or she may dress!

Her suggestion for those wanting to design their own space?

“Do a test! Look at your personal wardrobe and pick out those items that best reflect you and your style!”

She further explains that from your wardrobe you can pick a color scheme, find decor elements that match your wardrobe and find patterns that work well with what you chose. Before you know it, you’ll have a perfect design that will perfectly capture your personality and taste!

Well here at The Honey Bulb, we came up with a few design ideas inspired by our personal style! Check it out:

Navy and Cream Color Scheme

Here we took a Navy Coat with a Cream Trim and used it to inspire these home decor selections:

Tipped wrap coat in Italian stadium-cloth wool – J.Crew

Photo by J.Crew

Soren Pillows – Magnolia

Photo by Magnolia

Tyson Apartment Sofa with Brass Base – Crate and Barrel

Photo by Crate and Barrel

Stick Lamp – Room Essentials™ – Target 

Photo by Target

The Countryside Look

Here we styled the colors and patterns of a Peasant Top from Lucky Brand and Suede Boots from Ann Taylor to create a Countryside home decor look:

Embroidered Peasant Top – Lucky Brand

Photo by Lucky Brand

Carlene Suede Over The Knee Boots – Ann Taylor

Photo by Ann Taylor

Embroidered Ikat Duvet Set – Lucky Brand

Photo by Lucky Brand

Reyes Leather Armchair – Pottery Barn

Photo by Pottery Barn

GLITTRIG Decorative box, set of 3, ivory, gold – IKEA

Photo by IKEA

Woven Wool Basket – ZARA Home

Photo by ZARA Home

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Author: Nicolle Luna

Contributors: Barbara Borges and Nicolle Luna