What’s Up With All This Health Talk? And How it Changed My Life |The Honey Bulb

Everyone has been talking about it for decades, probably even centuries. The human health. What to eat, when to workout, how many hours of sleep one needs, and so on. There is so much talk about health out there and it can be really difficult to even know where to start.

To be honest I wasn’t that interested in healthy living myself. I ate healthy here and there, loved cupcakes, and chocolate chip cookies have been a weakness for me for years.

I only worked out if I absolutely needed to, but healthy living didn’t become a lifestyle change for me until this year.

You see, as I was completing my daily Bible reading, it was interesting to me, when looking at what God had to say about healthy living and eating that many years ago, and seeing how those same values are seen today by many modern-day nutritionists, researchers, and authors.

For me, it was a real turning point in my life to make a change in the way I viewed my health.

As a Christian, I realized how important healthy living really is to my faith.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 NCV says, “You should know that your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit who is in you. You have received the Holy Spirit from God…So honor God with your bodies.”

If I’m taking care of my health by eating right and staying fit, I’m going to have more energy and life. It’ll be a benefit to me and I’ll be honoring God for the life He’s given me.

So that day marked an important milestone in my life and I completely fell in love with the idea of staying healthy and fit.

However, judging by my previous experiences with health and fitness, I didn’t just want to make a drastic change in my eating habits and quit on the second week. Same went with working out.

So I began little by little replacing my current diet with healthy options. For example, instead of eating a sugary cereal in the morning, I replaced that cereal with a healthy smoothie.

Same went with lunch, snacks, and dinner options. Little by little I replaced my diet with what I knew to be healthy options until I completely changed the way I ate.

By starting out small and then progressing I was able to form a healthy lifestyle routine.

Working out went pretty much the same way for me too. I began taking a 30-minute walk every day for two weeks to build endurance. After those two weeks, I kept my 30 minute walks, but incorporated a low impact cardio workout 3 days a week.

As the weeks progressed I also progressed in my workout routine, increasing the level of intensity just enough to stay fit but not to the point where I was overworking myself.

I am completely satisfied with the change healthy living has done for me.

I still eat my chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes and have my share of sweets, but I definitely am now eating them in the right portion that allows me to maintain my healthy lifestyle.


*Photos Updated 10/19/19